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  1. Can't seem to connect... The port is :255677 ? Seems wrong, getting "java.lang.IllegalArgumentExecption: port out of range:255677"
  2. I'm playing Tekkify.

  3. O hey nent are you from... England?????????????????????????? The donateions are supposed to be anywhere. it says england for me and im in the US.
  4. NENT i just wanted to get in but now i cant. Le server is full D: BTW this is Zues_of_Thunder. Now i cant even donate (
  5. My In-game username: Zues_of_Thunder My Age: 13 Timezone: EST Why do you want to become a moderator?: Well, first off because people in any server can be real f**cks, and because of that, I'd like to become the nice guy. What makes you the best candidate?:I've had my way around servers, at least 50, vanilla and technic launcher type, and i've been on both the giving and receiving end. I assure you, that my receiving end has ended. Do you have previous experience moderating?: Yes, on a few servers. I got it by building big epic things, and I have been a private eye for the owners of a few servers. Do you have previous experience with Tekkit?: Yes, I can build anything in EE2, and i'm just starting to get the tech savy bit of it. Anyway, i can, like anyone who can type www.thetekkit.wikia.com, look it up. Oh and my username, Zues, its not a typo. I specifically wrote it like that.
  6. I just fixed it, i needed to hit the button above world backup. No worries now, so now i delete this thread.
  7. Nevermind i fixed it myself :D
  8. Herpa Derpa Please help me.
  9. Title: Closes after 1min ***FIXED*** Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Tpshiba Laptop Java Version: 32 Description of Problem: Alright, so when i open tekkit, it loads to the Mojang screen, then it takes a while to get to the main menu interface. This only happens when i'm using the Sphax for Technic/Tekkit texturepack. I have no idea why this happens, i just want to play tekkit. It also happens on technic. help plz? Error Messages: Error Log:
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