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  1. how about learn to stop insulting people with learning difficulties you insesitive piece of crap like i said im NEW !!! get lost !
  2. see i told you i am new but ppl put thier server in here and i get ripped the hell out of seriously need to sort that issue out
  3. Listen Moderators * just release my thread to the public theres nothing wrong with it nothing offensive nothing nothing nothing if you do not then 1 you are not doing your job properly and 2 this also means you are refusing innocent people from posting thier server for absolutely no reason log onto my server if you wish come look i seriously dont mind im on minecraft and tekkit to have fun with friends thats it its all still new to me but seriously if you refuse my post there will be an fficial complaint going in to Support and i will take my post elsewhere and Advertise it.
  4. its posted correctly a tekkit server in the open tekkit server listing the sentences are readable if you cannot read them try looking properly , learning to read or getting glasses cos all u lot wish to do is insult some 1 seems to me some people are just plain jelous and its distgusting !
  5. hes less of the dam insults this is all new to me ive done it once before for tekkit mods you are not very nice this is what i have experienced with many other server ill treatment abuse and all that and its wrong just post my server please so people may enjoy the game and play without been bugged.
  6. Hi There Tekkit Lovers Chrome_77.12938471927387834 is back once again with his Awesome awesome Server The old 1 got shut down to due a family Issues and that Server Only had (treeassist) Plugin no towny no nothing and people loved it before with 0 griefing and stealing at that i was shocked. Now Im back better than EVER ! with a new Server ! with the old Faithfull Plugin ( Tree Assist ) lol and new ones along with it First main 1 is Towny yes u read correct TOWNY we also have Chestshop yes chestshop you can now sell and buy on my Server and set up along with it is Essentials Economy the most reliable Economy to gain as a Plugin also we have LWC protection working Along side of Towny for the most protectiong you can gain and finally SafeExplosions Creepers, TnT, and a few other Explosive cannot damage land but can damage Your Health ! so Becarefull please Well there you go most of the info is there. No It isnt i was fibbing lol theres ALOT more rofl we also have our very own PVP Arena to fighting proper pvp fights Rewards are Choosen by all 4 Owners or which ever Owners are active Also the People judge they fight and can put thier point of view across on how good your fighting style was to help your Reward and thats not all the same Guy Whos Created this Marvelous PVP Arena Metz183003 is going to be soon creating a MOB Fighting Arena to go with his Other Marvelous Structure ! that will be coming soon. Also Other Items Coming up soon will Be FloAuction Plugin and hopefully. Also there is Positions for Moderators where you will under go an interview for Becoming a Moderator also you must be able to play alot and have lots of free time on your hands be over the Age Of 18 !!! thats important Responsible , Sensible , Mature and to Respect all the Members of the Server also if any help is needed please help them and assist Members of the Server and you will Also be Required to Download Raidcall for free from Mousehunt.com and register a new Account for Free and join My FREE !!! lol Vioce Server when you are on the game becuase you are a Moderator you must also be on Raidcall ! We are a Griefing Free Server and Intend on Kepping Things this Way !!! Please Read All Rules Before Leaving Spawn !!! Also This Server Is Hosted by my Own Personal Gaming PC not a Stupid Gaming Hosting Site Server Restarts Will commence Every 2 Hours To keep The Server Lagg Free Any Lagg is Down the Players Tekkit Cache Or Internet Provider and Connection Please check your side Before Dictating Server Issues ! Main Server Server Owner and Server Host - Chrome_87 2nd Server Owner - LadyChrome_90 - My Faince ! 3rd Server Owner Metz183003 4th Server Owner Peeeeeejay1 From Omega games UK This Server Is Run By Private Hamatchi Information is Posted Below. Network ID - Donglords - password 123 Network ID - Sparklemongers - password 123 Network ID - MassiveFailures - password 123 Network ID - The Unreadables!- password 123 Network ID - Hurf Durf - password 123 Network ID - [not available]- password 123 NOTE TO PLAYERS IF NETWORK ID IS FULL TRY ANOTHER OR ADD ME ON SKYPE VIA dong_lord19872011 And i shall look into the issue of connection to hamatchi or make a new 1 for you to join Chrome_123489834027888788787873341
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