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  1. I'm loving everything else about this modpack, but I'm noticing a distinct lack of Minefactory Reloaded. Is there a reason it wasn't included, or did it just get overlooked? I feel like it's almost as core of an industrial mod as IC2 and Buildcraft. I know I can just add it myself (and I did), but it's nice having it in the official release for ease of servers and updates and I'm sure I'm not the only one missing it either.
  2. Sorry to bump this, but I have 1.115.208 installed via a custom .zip and I'm still getting the issue. I know it loaded properly, as it shows up as such on the "mods" button. How else have people fixed this issue?
  3. I use advanced insertion buildcraft pipes. whenever one is connected to somewhere it can deposit items, it'll check if it can put it in. If not, it'll send it to one of the other routes off itself. With this you can create a feedback loop and your items will just cycle around a loop until one of the connected macerators is unoccupied.
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