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  1. ok let me just clarify UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO PUT MY INFORMATION ON ANY OTHER SITE (eg steam commmunity) it makes people think the person who posted it on the other site is the owner and not me SO DONT DO IT OR I KILL YOU
  2. i didnt say daytime only its just thats the biggest chunk of time ill be able to run it
  3. Server ip: Server rules: 1. Griefing and stealing only allowed in UNPROTECTED areas 2. Respect the staff 3. Respect the players 4. No asking for rank or items Nno mods disabled as of yet side-note: i don't know how to disable a mod correctly yet please comment on that Disabled items (as in only me or admins can use them) Nukes obviously and other generic UBER griefing tools (full list will be in the server) All major plugins on your server I have had this server for a long time i just could never get it to work right so anybody can join and didn't need hamachi. But today i finally bring you OPEN FOR EVERYBODY. I will try to keep the server up most of the time but it'll only be during the day time Absolutely no hackers allowed i know how to track you (i was a hacker once) so don't even bother coming on. i want the people who like to play fair and not cheat on my servers. so come on and have some fun. P.S. i don't have any pictures because i don't know how to put them on here but when i figure that out there will be some pictures of spawn and some cool things people have built P.S. I am a little short on plugins so if you see me (robertgk2017) please recommend any plugins you would like to see or post them in the comments section.
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