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  1. To everyone do not white list on this server it's just a waste of time they never check the applications so you might as well look for a new server that actually looks and accepts people
  2. IGN: lsaward (its a L) Age: 15 Country/Timezone:Australia Tekkit Experience: A bit Reason for joining: I want to play on a good equivalent exchange enabled tekkit server with a good community Have you read the rules: yes How long have you played tekkit:6 months What you feel you can contribute: build a factory? Time you can contribute to the server: I can play alot? or i can do pixelart :D
  3. For fuck sake do you not check the fucking whitelist options your taking your time whitelisting people and its getting very fucking annoying. FFS start reding them or at least say they are not whitelisted
  4. IGN:lsaward (its a L not a i people often mistake that so sorry if it sounds rude) Age:im 14 Project you plan to build:i plan to build a fairly medium sized town with a factory that produces many things and it will delete all the overflows and i plan to make some pixel art in it and yeah just some stuff that i had planned Minecraft experience:i have been playing since beta well early beta and i have gotten to be pretty good im not the most imaginative person but i can be fun at some times when i feel like it Tekkit experience:I have been playing tekkit for atleast 3 to 4 months i know mos
  5. in-game-name: lsaward (its a L and not a i just incase). age:my age is 14. experiance with tekkit: hmm about 3 to 4 months dont know everything but i know a fair bit. did you read the rules: yes i read the rules and they sound very fair.
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