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  1. i would like to join too im free on saturdays and sundays eastern time us skype noobertuber970 spartain2 in-game
  2. im 11.5 and id want a lp partner 2 my skype is noobertuber970 and i can host the server i have a mic
  3. Can You host a server: skype: what map( a fresh one or map to do with challenges) : mic age minecraft exp my country time zone can you record or have a youtube channel minecraft name any one want to join me i can host about another 1 or 2 people message me on skype noobertuber970
  4. what are your minecraft names add me noobertuber970 on skype im adding whitelist
  5. i would also like to join, and i maybe able to host a server ( on it says at most 2 or 3 players) and if you have a skype add me im noobertuber970 on skype edit: i cant record because i dont know how to use a recording thing of any type yay i made the server