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  1. I'm not arguing with or for anything. Please re-read my posts. No where have I said "I WAN MAH TEKKIT LITE BACK WAAAAAAAAAH". As I've stated I've already moved to my own custom modpack and couldn't give a damn what happens to Tekkit Lite or Tekkit Classic or even Tekkit (Or Tekkit 2.0/UIltra/Mega/whatever). I've moved on from Tekkit. I was merely stating what I interpreted the news post as. Think whatever you want. :P
  2. If it is or it isn't doesn't make a difference to me. I've already moved to my own custom modpack. I was making a point as to what I read and/or interpreted it as. I'm over it but appearantly some aren't. :P
  3. I see "final update for 1.4.7", not just final update. If they truly intend to stop development of Tekkit Lite they should fix this as it implies that it's simply the final update for Minecraft 1.4.7, not just the final update of Tekkit Lite period.
  4. Or just remove the dimensional doors mod altogether like I did. Poof. Doors/portals gone. :)
  5. I see no official announcement to that fact from the Technic team. Find one and then we can talk.
  6. You obviously have not kept up with Linux development. Linus Torvalds created Linux to work with specifically HIS hardware, no one else's. For 2 years it was like this, Linus didn't give two craps if it worked on newer processors, just so long as it worked on his. Modern distributions are pretty much the same way, with exception to very few (Ubuntu is an exception, but one of the few (Ubuntu is also not the only "Linux" as many wanna-be geeks seem to think). There are many MANY MANY other distro's out there who's developers don't give two craps what you want, only what they want, Slackware and Arch Linux being two heavily used ones with that philosophy). Linux was successful because it was free, open source and it didn't have a GUI (thus making it perfect for server adaptations). End of story (there are many others, one prominent being it didn't require a bloody restart every 3 days to remain stable).
  7. I think this fellow is missing one point, one of which no one has really emphasized except for calling him an idiot. He's not really an idiot, he just doesn't understand. There IS a difference. And I know, by saying these words and posting here that I will be reminded why I don't post on any Minecraft public forum. The reason why Tekkit Lite has "stopped updating" is simply because IC2 and RP2 (two of the core mods in Tekkit Classic and Lite) have not been updated. Keep in mind that Tekkit Classic, Lite and the new Tekkit are mod packs that are "officially supported" by one entity (the Technic Team) instead of an individual that threw a modpack together and sent it to his/her friends. If a mod in the pack doesn't update, it's difficult for the entire modpack to update. The Technic Team is at the mercy of the mod creators for updates. If a core mod stops updating (such as RP2) or becomes obsolete and kinda pointless (IC2) then the pack cannot update. Thus why we have the new Tekkit. It includes mods that have been updated to support vanilla 1.5.1. NO ONE has said that Tekkit Lite has stopped updating. If it does, you STILL have the entire pack on your PC. Take it, and when RP2 and IC2 are updated and stable, then throw those into your own custom modpack and release them (like so many have done).
  8. Ah, I never noticed that... I jumped in game. The only ore I was not able to get to macerate was iron. I haven't found gold, diamond or lapis yet in the nether. Copper, tin, coal and redstone were all able to macerate.
  9. That's because it's not supposed to. Put the nether ore into the furnace to get the nether out of it. You're left with the ore. Put the ore into the macerator and voila! Dust.