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  1. I am mostly talking about how Duncan has the crafting table 3 and electrical engines. I want to know what update he is using so I have the items.
  2. I have recently been watching the yogscast and their tekkit series, but some of the items they have I can't get. I was wondering what update they use when recording. can anyone tell me?
  3. that's what I've decided to do
  4. first off, I'm on a Mac. second I can still play but the blocks are gone and I can still acces NEI. I was wondering if I could change my world to anvil without going ingame. also if I deleted the tekkit backup of my world woud it make a new one of my current world instead of one a month ago?
  5. Launcher Version: idk Operating System: idk Java Version: idk Antivirus Program: Description of Problem: Whenever I update tekkit most of the mod blocks disappear. idk why. and when i switch to anvil it works but it reverts my save back like a month. please help! Error Messages: Error Log:
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