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  1. there has to be there's always multiple solutions to this stuff
  2. well there's the funny part for some odd reason i can't have 64 bit java on my computer because even though i have 64 bit OS my graphics card is 32 bit and it's the default card i got when i bought the computer
  3. also my allocation options only let me go to 1gb which is default for me.
  4. please tell why i would do that if i've had issues doing that before with tekkit and doing so would cause it to ctrash
  5. yes i understand that but i don't understand how he would try to help fix that issue of the thing crashing when i allocate more ram to it. and like i said previously the only lag i get is when the minimap updates
  6. i'd rather not because i did that before with tekkit and it's lag and i kept crashing on start up and i don't want that happening with anything else
  7. listen i know all that stuff and i get lag only when the map updates. second idk where to find where the info on where my ram is located
  8. also when the lag seems to happen is when the minimap is loading things and i just went to close and it crashed wow
  9. first off no i haven't. second what does allocating ram and knowing my computer specs have to do with a modpack for minecraft?
  10. What causes the lag and is there anyway to fix it?
  11. i'm not saying all of them i'm just saying for the most popular ones people are having issues with.
  12. yes i do want packs to work so anyone can use them without having issues with downloading them BUT ftb and technic are the only two modpack launchers that i see and ftb requires you get permission not matter what mods you get for the pack. in my honest truthful opinion somethings needs to be done so that there are not as many complaints as i'm seeing. I'm not saying technic is responsible for maknig the change but at least say something to the author like, "hey i see your modpack has a lot of complaints over this issue could you please do something about it." something like that. It's easy, it's simple, and if the person doesn't want to change it and the complaints still go on then that person doesn't really need or deserve to have their modpack out there unless they can make it to where there is no issue with downloading it.
  13. i just think that the complaints on the discussions are getting overwhelming about this and something needs talked about.
  14. i know how to make a modpack BUT i have been told by many modpackers that you have to get specific permission from the author of the mod to make a pack with it. This is due to the fact of mods not being compatible with other mods and you need to let them know which other mods you have with it. Plus it's also due to usage permissions.
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