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  1. I am trying to make a mod pack for my friends and I. I have many mods on it and it works if I just install it to regular minecraft. I made the modpack.jar in the bin, the config file, the mods folder and the coremods folder. When I try to open the mod pack with the launcher it gets stuck on 1% zap2.ogg... I tried downgrading forge and it got past that point but after the mojang screen it said that the forge version was outdated and that minecraft would close in 30 seconds. Please help me, I have spent three hours trying to solve this. This is my mod pack zip download: I found out that the build of forge I was using (533) did not actually work. I found that if I used the version of 534 it worked just fine. I tried the version 533 on regular minecaft and it didn't work. Don't know of the version is corrupt or not.