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  1. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A "TEKKIT VS. FTB" THREAD PLEASE DON'T TURN IT INTO ONE Those who use FTB might have already noticed this, but for those who didn't, there was a problem with the FTB launcher which caused Minecraft passwords to be publicly available. Details are here. If you think you might be affected please go to Minecraft.net and change your password.
  2. Something that I have noticed is that there is a lot of HV cabling running around and it looks like most, if not all of it is for areas not hitting above 512 EU/t packets (running into an MV transformer). You might want to change those up for glass fiber cables if you can afford it as HV cables have an insane amount of EU bleed.
  3. I did some research into it and found the range extender doubles the max range. So if the base range is 8, then one extender will put it to 16, two will go 32, etc. I unfortunately do not have any info on the basic range, so you'll have to experiment. It shouldn't need more than 5 or 6 though.
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