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  1. Welcome to Machinecraft, an F2P Tekkit server, started around a month ago. IP: Official Website: Rules: 1. Griefing is NOT permitted in any way! 2. Do not ask Members of staff for items or ranks, you will get ranks as you earn them. 3. Swearing IS allowed, in moderation. 4. Don't argue with Admins, most of the time, they are right. 5. Spamming and/or advertising is strictly prohibited. 6. Being rude or offensive towards other players is not allowed. 7. Racism is not allowed. 8. Don't be afraid to ask anything, unless it conflicts with rule 2 Disabled mods: Wireless Redstone: Chickenbones Edition. Enderchests (Bith disabled as they do not comply with our operating system, Ubuntu (Linux) and attempting to craft any items from these mods will CRASH your client. Banned Items: 1. Mining Laser (Griefing Tool) 2. All arcana rings (Griefing tools) 3. Volcanite and Evertide Amulets. (Griefing tools) 4. Ring of Ignition and Zero Ring (Griefing tools) 5. Nova Catalist/Nova Cataclism (Major Server Lag, Griefing Tools) 6. Industrial TNT and Nukes (Major Server Lag, Griefing Tools) 7. All catalysts (Griefing Tools) 8. Mecurial Eye (Does not comply with protected Regions) 9. EE Gem armor (Very OP) Restricted Items (Only available to donators): 1. Redmatter tools. 2. RM/DM Furnaces (Dupe Bug) 3. Access to the Creative world. 3. Redmatter Armor. 4. EMC Farms/Darkrooms. Plugins: Announcer Buycraft Chatcolours Creativegates CustomJoinMessage Essentials FancyText Lagmeter Lockette Logblock Minebackup Moneydrop Multiverse Mwstop NPC Creatures NPC Warehouse Ontime PermissionsEX Planetoids Prankster Questioner RecipeRepo Register SafetyBlanket Showcase Vanish Slap TerrainControl Tim The Enchanter Vault Votifier Whitemessage WorldEdit Worldguard VoxelPlugins Discription: We are Machinecraft, We have had a small comunity server for a very long time on Vanilla and when we branched out to Tekkit, we found a few brilliant individuals who have now became staff, we were previously running off of an old school computer XD but thanks to our many Donators helping us reach an AMAZING £150 for a brand new server with A quad core AMD Cpu and 8 GB RAM Please come and join us. Expected Uptime: We expect our server to be up almost 24/7 with only A few minor times of being down (Main downtime will consist of server upgrades or simple restarts to add new stuff to bring a better experience to the server) Community: At the moment we usually have around 5 people on and they are mostly friendly, we will not accept people abusing other players or our staff, we ban those who disrespect players or those who break the rules in general. We are currently not looking for staff, but if you have a special talent for building houses, redstone contraptions, frames or pixel art, we may offer you a Builder position, these are usually quite rare though We also want players who are friendly, it doesn't matter if you are experienced with the mods or not, as long as you want to play Minecraft and have fun, you are welcomed to stay as long as you like Events: Sometimes on the server we will host events such as a random surprise item every day of Christmas or building of eggs during Easter, we are also in the process of developing some challenge maps and competition maps such as Wrenched! where you compete with 3 other players to build a cool machine with some supplied items, the person who builds the worst machine will be wrenched (Knocked out) and the other 3 players will continue to the next round. Server Screenshots(From 22/09/12): The bank, where players can store items, for small charge. A Pikachu Pixelart, made by one of our Builders, Minnymaster. The town hall, which contains some useful information for players. A huge Deadmau5 head, made by Lystaa, one of our Builders.