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  1. I'll put Twilight up top on the dimensions to test and try to program a plugin to make work.
  2. True, they are mostly self serving, but when playing them I have had the desire to build quarries in other dimensions. To see how taint spreads in them. And other such experiments. Might have to code some plugins to make them work, but I'll try.
  3. Before I attempt to install all of these, and because I have not seen some of them when searching, I decided to make a topic specifically for Dimension Mods in combination with Technic. In the next week or so, I will attempt to install each of these mods and see what conflicts they have with Technic. I'll report them here. Feel free to talk about your experience in combining technic/tekkit/yogbox with various dimension mods. I am sure some of you used to experiment with the aether. Dimension Mod List (all 1.25 compatible): Astrocraft (build a portal into space) with a iron block
  4. Ah, should of bothered searching before heading off to work. Yes, it has been mentioned that Smart Moving is compatible. I knew that. I was asking if anyone else used it. I recently mentioned to the creator that Smart Moving would be nice if you could configure additional block IDs to be climbed on, so I could set it up so you could climb on pipes, and that it would be cool if he managed to get bundled with these great mods. He thanked me and immediately updated it so you could configure additional blocks to ceiling climb on and made the mod bukkit 5.0 compatible. All it took was one post.
  5. Has anyone else tried the Smart Moving Mod in conjunction with Tekkit/Technic? The ability to crawl under pipes makes it so much easier to lay them. Honestly, I love it and think it should be part of the mod packs. (Currently pushing the guy to try and get in)
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