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  1. Hello The Forum was Down because of a MYSQL Problem. While Restarting the Server the 502 Error Occured. Everything should be back to normal now. The BlockPack Lite Server is down. We're Currently Working on the Blockwar Server. The Server got Replaced with a Simple FTP Unleashed Server with some Basic Plugins. Feel Free to Join. Sincerly Fabian95qw
  2. Thank you for your Ideas. On my old Server VIP was something you become for being active and helpful. I never was a fan of Donate/Pay for VIP. I'll think like of the 5 most active Players will become VIP at the end of the Month
  3. Hello my Dear Programmers / Modders I started recently with an Idea which i myself find really amazing. Whats my Idea? Well i think of sorta the Following: Once you join the Server You're in a Lobby Area (Just Normal Lobby) where are Different Signs/Portals (Not sure yet) which you can go trough to join a War Territory (2 or 4 Teams War ,Not sure yet) Once you join a Territory you get Teamed (Or Manually Choose one). You Spawn inside a Safety Bunker (can't be destroyed) and attack the Enemy Base with any Force you can buy (Tanks, Weapons, Rocket ...) Also there will be
  4. As DanteChaos said you've to add the Link on the Bottom (http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/blockpack-lite) in the Thechniclauncher.
  5. Hello my Dear Minecrafters After our Tekkit Server gets closed after half a Year of Fun & Friendship we're ready to present our own ModPack. BlockPack Lite (Based on our Previous Vanilla MC ModPack BlockPack) Server Info: IP: smp.blockcraft.ch(:25565) BlockPack Lite Version: 1.0 (Bugs May Encounter) Slots: 20 It currently contains 78 Mods. I don't wanna get into all of those but a few: AtomicScience Buildcraft ExtrabiomesXL Forestry Gravity Gun IC2 ICBM NEI PortalGun RedPower Steves Ca
  6. I've some Bad News. The Tekkit Server of smp.blockcraft.ch is going down. A Thanks for all Players which joined our Server. The Map became so instable that the only solution would've been to Create a New Map. Also there were more and more griefiers with Tricks to not get Recognized by CoreProtect. But instead we started our own ModPack! BlockPack Lite (Blockpack Before on Vanilla Minecraft) I'll Pack it up and make the Map Able for Download. Here BlockPack Lite Thread: Here And Thanks again to all Players!(Except for the Griefers)
  7. There on the Top is a Button "Sprache ändern" == Change Language
  8. As i Said if i do the ModPack in the Techniclauncher Redpower does crash mc Or thats what i figure does cause it. But i'll make a own thread for that later on if i can't fix it myself...
  9. We've a Forum for good reason. You got Banned for Griefing from me. There is no need to lie. Also if you got Banned use the Unban Appeal in the forum (www.blockcraft.ch)
  10. I tried find the Needed Code Pieces in the Source, but i didn't find them. I don't know much about Java, so i'm basically a beginner in Java itself. I think i'll have to sit on the %appdata%.custom.minecraft for now. At least now i can authenticate useres before they log-in
  11. I downloaded the Open Source Technic-Launcher from Github but all i can find is the Launcher/Updater but not anything about Starting Minecraft. So i figured out there is the technic-launcher.jar which does that. But i can't find a Source for That. And i don't want to decompile it.
  12. Hi. I'm currently working on a Customiced ModPack (62 Mods all Permissions Granted) And because the Mod works outside Tekkit , but not with Tekkit Custom because it loads the mods it in the series that causes Redpower to crash. So i made my own Custom Launcher. It does all the Security Settings. It Checks if the Account is Premioum and Logs into minecraft.net with it to validate. But now after downloading and installing the Mod into a custom folder %appdata%\.blockcraft i've one problem. Everbody knows the Trick to launch Minecraft from a Customdir\.minecraft. Like
  13. Thank you. I Migrated the Tekkit Server today. The DNS Change will take 3 Hours (Time to Live) until you can reach the New Server, because of the IP-Change. But you can try instead of smp.blockcraft.ch to connect to the Server. Hope this will hold better. Sincerly Fabian95qw
  14. I'm trying as hard as i can... The Serve rruns like 1-2h before he crashes with Unknown cause. I don't know if it is plugin related or it is some kind of giant Factory... I'm sorry but i'm trying!
  15. Yes i was Sorry for that, because there was a Factory which cuased 20'000 Items in 10 Minutes, and i had to find this factory. And also a plugin is causing a lot of CPU ussage which causes the Server to go down... @Westboyz you know it's always a danger to give your MC accounts to other Persons. You are responsible for your account, no matter if someone else was using it. But i show mercy and i'll unban you. Sincerly Fabian95qw
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