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  1. You should really just use the base fle setup provided on the main page and remove the mods you do not want on the server. That way your less likely to have a problem and all you need to do is run the start batch file.
  2. Re-download the server files, Delete your Mod folder, and copy the mod folder from the fresh download. That should solve the problem,
  3. Try a minimum of 512, and disable EE you should be ok until you start using mines and quarries.
  4. Actually your hardware is only the start of it, you need a good upload/download rate also. I have a 20 man server with 3GB ram and a Dual core 2.4 ghz. My upload is 3mb and i use about 1/6 of that. With about 12 plugins the server has been constantly running for the past 4 weeks, the only downtime being when people openly abused Nukes, which after removing was a simple matter. Try getting Nolagg on the server to help make it run better and more sustainable. As a minimum you want atleast 1.5Gb and a dual core of any speed +2.0 and atleast 1mb upload or your friends are going to lag horribly.