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  1. the error is java.lang.nullpointerexception Help plz i cant play
  2. i am trying to look for a private tekkit server bettween 2 and 12 people thats whitlisted with friendly people and u can get in alot my minecraft username is cmk950003 post the ip if u whitelisted me thanks
  3. Launcher Version: the newest version Operating System: 32bit Java Version: update 7 version 7 Antivirus Program: Description of Problem: when i start up tekkit it says checking latset launcher version the bar dissapers and nothing happens i dont know whats the problem Error Messages: non Error Log:
  4. well i start up tekkit an it says checking for latest versions and it doesnt move the bar and it dissapers
  5. is there any possble way to run tekkit in a 32bit pc i downloaded it a click on it its says checking for launcher version and it disappers i dont have 32 bit pc but somehow my friend runs tekkit on a 32bit how is there anyway help?
  6. Launcher Version: Operating System: i have a toshiba and a 64bit opertating system Java Version: 64bit or jave 7 Antivirus Program: Description of Problem: tekkit and ran it so did my friend we tested in single player he had 50 pages i had 19 why Error Messages: Error Log:
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