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  1. Here is a list of all mods that can be downloaded for the Custom Zip.
  2. I know that, i say that even if i clearing the cache you need to redownload all stuff.
  3. @sct: Is there no way to make a reload function instead of redownloading everything(Clear Cache)?
  4. Edit: Maybe you can make this thread for Custom Zip Help? Sorry,Double posted:S
  5. Didnt know that. Thanks;) Tested MiscPeripherals. Works great;)
  6. Other Question: Everytime i add a new mod i need to delete the whole tekkitlite folder at /roaming/.techniclauncher? Because when i just start tekkit lite it dont download the new mods i added but when i delete the whole folder (tekkitlite @ roaming) it does download it.
  7. Thanks for Reply. I tried to get the mod EE2 into Tekkit Lite just for test but then my launcher crashed. I used the client side script @ This is a crash cause EE3 is already in it?
  8. Heey all, The custom zip is only for the clients mods and the server mods i just need to add in the server? So i only need to make a package for the launcher for the clients mods?
  9. How can we duplicate items now without condensers? And what you can do with the Pre-Release EE3?
  10. I have a problem with the Automatic Crafting Table MK2. I cant place resources to the recipe menu at the table. The items will be collised and not count as an recipe. Is there any fix for it so i can make an automatic crafting system.
  11. Hi, I already downloaded the voltz server files and putted into my minecraft_server.jar but if i start the jar nothing happens. Can someone please extract all the server files and upload it or something. mod edit: don't sign your posts. Read the rules. Admigo