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  1. Hello, I have a Tekkit server and recently i've seen on my world loads of little chucks that clearly should be there like parts of my building getting ending up cut in the middle and place in random places. Nothing massive has happened yet apart from half a volcano spawn in the middle of my town. I know this has something to do with corrupted chunks but is there away to fix them?
  2. I understand what you mean with banning the condenser altogether my thing with powerflowers is you just let it sit there and don't need to do anything else with it. But i will try banning the condenser, is it easy to do this in the config files?
  3. Hello everyone i have a Tekkit server, and i have one question about it, It's about EE. I have no problem with energy condensers really but i have a problem with power flowers where it basically breaks the game(for me) and i wanted to stop them on my server, is there away to do this but to keep the energy condenser? in the back end server side? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  4. Ok! i got it thanks Volkon, i just used two receivers with the XOR at the door and its working. Thanks a lot.
  5. Ok i understand that, is there an easy way of doing that with just one receiver and the switches being quite far away?
  6. Hello, im trying to control a door with one Receiver and two transmitters on each side but they don't work the way i want.(my door is two sticky pistons pushing wood blocks) When one transmitter is on the other transmitter cant tell it to stop sending the signal, i just wanted to know if there was away around this?
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