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  1. Thanks alot for that! - okay, we have a few questions. Is it needed to put towny on MySql for this to work effectively? and are we NEEDED to do this mayor thing for every single new town being made, or is it a one time thing only?
  2. Thanks alot for the usefull post! that most certaintly explains most of the issues we were having. If you would share that towny.jar with me, id be really glad, as it might make our life alot easier - doing all that, will that also help us with the problem that towny seems to lock the plots? ( the [Towny] This plot is locked!)
  3. Ive done that already. Managed to get it to work on 3.1.2. Ive run into two issues though, when ever we claim stuff, towny comes up with a message; [Towny] This plot is locked! What can i possibly do about that? Second issue is, that anything "tekkit" related, such as things you can create that destroys blocks, dosent work at all. I tried disabling towny, and it would all work. So im thinkin its something that protect blocks in the towny config (or something else?) id need to disable, could anyone help me out perhaps? Or perhaps give me a working towny config? id appreciate that alot :D
  4. Ill look into Residence, thats one ive never heard of yet. Been workin with Factions in the past, and it wasnt really my thing, and not entirely the kind of settup we're looking for, for the server we're planning on making! thanks alot for the help, i appreciate it alot!
  5. Yea, i just tried with a towny build running r1.0 (that would work if im not mistaken, on the 3.0.4 yea?), and i still get the same errors >.< and if i understood correctly, that shouldnt have been a problem? Oh you dont use towny? is there like a really good alternative for it? Id just like something that makes protecting things for players easy, and perhaps a way users can tp to each others region with a /t spawn etc (as you do in towny), and a way for players to interact, if theres better solutions, im open for ideas
  6. Ive tried with 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 already, and i got the same issues. Of what i recall atleast So, youre saying, if i upgraded to 3.1.1 and installed the latest version of the Towny Plugin, put it on bypass, then i shouldnt have nay issues or what so ever?
  7. Alright, ill try and make this short. Ive been used to having normal vanilla servers for about 1½ years now, and i know how they work and how plugins work. Its my first time playing around with tekkit, but i think i get the basic idea of it all. My tekkit server build is the 3.0.4 version (rec build ya?). Now, the issue is, that i dont seem to be able to get Towny working, no matter what I try and do :/ Ive installed latest bukkit versions, same with tekkit ones, also tried downgrading (also the actual towny plugin), and it still dosent work at all >.< I did a bit of researching and have therefor already tried to put the bypass bukkit check on towny, and that still dosent work. Towny jumps right into Safe Mode then Anyone who would be able to give me a idea, or perhaps, guide me through what im doing wrong? Id be really grateful!