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  1. Looking For Staff members, Apply at http://thunder-network.com/staffapp Don't Forget to mention you are applying for the Voltz Server!.
  2. Thunder Network Welcome to an epic new 24/7 Voltz Server! This is an Server where Raiding/PvP/Griefing is Allowed! We Currently own a Crack Pack server and decided to go VoltZ! IP: Voltz.Thunder-Network.com Website: www.Thunder-Network.com (W.I.P) Rules No Spamming No Swearing Don't Disrespect Staff Don't Ask For Items/ranks/gm Don't Advertise Other Servers Don't Use Any Hacks PvP/Raiding/Stealing Is Allowed Be Polite No Power Abusing(For Staff) Have Fun Type: /Rules in game to see all the rules! Plugins ChestShop RandomTeleport Worldborder Factions TimedRanker Essentials CookieMonster GraveStone Banned Items Item Router (Dupe) Theoretical Elementizer How To Join Open the Technic Launher and choose the recommended version of voltz. then use the ip: Voltz.Thunder-Network.com
  3. The problem from the beginning was that our world got corrupted. so i had to delete it and everyone has to start over, Which Sucks, i know, i would myself never want to start over again. thats why we will probably be giving items to every player. doesnt matter if new or old player. we will be having a drop party probably tuesday next week around 8pm GMT+/--2:00
  4. Welcome to DivinityMC !!! We have worked hard to introduce you to our new TekkitLite server full of Adventure,Survival and of course Mining! In this server Griefing, PvP, Stealing almost everything is allowed, so dont wait to kill your friend because at the end he will do it ;)As everyone knows it is hard to find a good tekkit lite server so we provide you with the finest server you can ever find on the internet with great staff and mature players! So what are u waiting for player?!? Get the ip and join our server right away! Hope to see you on DivinityMC! IP: PvP.DivinityMC.com Website: www.DivinityMC.com This Server is Very new, so we are still working on it and we have a lot to do, though its playable Towny FloAuction McMMO CombatLog Essentials PvPArena World Edit MagicSpells World Guard and many more... No Caps No Swearing No Combat Log PvP is Allowed Griefing is Allowed Raiding is Allowed Stealing is Allowed Be respectful Be ethical Use common sense No Power Abusing No Hacked Clients like X-ray Download TechnicLauncher at: http://www.technicpack.net/download Open The Launcher and Choose Tekkit Lite, Our server uses the latest build so use the latest build. [0.6.1]. Login and Type in the ip: PvP.DivinityMC.com Hope to see you there! Banned Items: So Far We See DimensionDoors and MystCraft Causing a little bit of lagg sometimes, so we have disabled it for the moment, we will be adding it again soon but with a few restrictions
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