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  1. Thanks for all of the ideas guys. I'm going to be re-factoring the map just a little bit so it is a challenge. I will have two kinds, one that is easy and the other being very difficult. You should start seeing these maps in the coming week. Keep up the good ideas! Update: I've been really busy with my studies and I'm sorry for not updating the map. When I can find time I will update it and I hope that will be September 28.
  2. I don't think I will be adding flint simply because you don't need it and the only thing you would use it on is a macerator, which you don't need. There is diamond, but you have to find it.
  3. Updated the map to have silver and took out the thaumcraft crystals. Also updated tekkit. Edit: I do need to add Nikolite, you can do just fine without the leaves of the Silverwood Tree (You're not meant to have everything), and some of the hidden materials are in the Nether. I might add more Silverwood Logs.
  4. I was thinking about giving you guys enough crystals to build all the way to a thaumic crystalizer and you can get the rest from the wisps. Edit: On second thought this map is supposed to be a challenge. Will take out the crystals when I get off work later today.
  5. Should have bonemeal on the table now and fixed the download link. Going to have to say no to MystCraft, being able to build on another world would be kinda broken.
  6. This is my first map and after wanting to play SkyTable with Technic, I was spurred into action to make one. Thus was born SkyTechnic! Also introducing SkyTekkit, the Tekkit version of SkyTechnic If you are having problems installing, please read the instructions. If you still have problems, please post. You start on a single piece of bedrock with and transmutation table. The table has 81 EMC and only knows dirt, sapling, and bonemeal. Find the hidden materials, make a trip to the nether, and go to The End to kill the end boss. Rules: 1) No Creative Mode 2) No connecting to the
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