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  1. No i have got some requests on minecraft forum
  2. Hi I am looking for a Tekkit server i only need: 16 Slots 1GB RAM Bukkit £5 or less Managed Plugin (where i can give you a plugin and you will then install them for me) Online Server control panel If possible could i have (for no extra charge): Web Hosting Custom IP Hope you will respond I will be looking and checking The server will be called FragNet
  3. yeah sure, sorry i took so long to respond. my ip is ill pm you when im on the server so you can get on too.

  4. what do you mean when you say "help"

    1.Raw education

    2.Progressive survival learning (recd.)

    1. gnarledcoder48


      i mean can u help me with tekkit as in 2

  5. hi could i join your server because i am looking for someone to help me with tekkit. is it hamachi?

  6. Hi if any develepors read this please can you add the crafting table 2 back as i was looking on the wiki and there were loads of comments saying bring it back and so i decided to put it on the forum so please can you bring it back because there are loads of recipes that need you to craft other items to be able to craft the item please can others comment if you agree with me
  7. i am having problems running the server but it is Tekkit gnarledcoder48
  8. Help I cant get Forge to install. when i start up tekkit it shows mojang then the screen goes white i dont know what im doing wrong but it is not working
  9. How do you set waypoints i cant find it out anywhere so i am asking
  10. ok you are helping as soon as i get in contact with you and we may add some other people Do you have hamachi if not search logmein hamachi and download the unmanaged version
  11. Hi do you mind helping me on tekkit for my lets play

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