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  1. Sorry for the double post but its good info if anyone is still having this issue. Micdoodle has seemed to have ninja patched the api issues between Mekanism and GC. Build 904 of GC and Build 610 of Mekanism are running smooth together in sp and I will be testing them tonight on my test server obviously in an online environment.
  2. macks2008 please bring any issues to the our forums. http://eyetek.enjin.com/home
  3. Server isnt whitelisted anymore Macks so you can find your way in whenever you like. Also I know plugins can remove abilities from some items. We choose to just save the headache and ban the itmes out right with disable craft.
  4. Added Eyetek always looking for mature adults to join our community! We have plenty of land available and just went through a world restart so no one will be to far behind the rest Drop an app here or on our forums at: http://eyetek.enjin.com/forum Some big community changes may be coming so come on over and check us out.
  5. Wow.. Do you need the DM pedestal to use this Dupe? I already have the pedestal disabled on my server.
  6. Not sure if you mean items moving through the pipes or at the spill point, but mine always removes everything not inside a pipe. Sometimes the image of the spilled items remain while the TPS comes back up but the disappear eventually.
  7. He means that signature. I don't get why its so bad but whatever. I find almost all my lag comes from players themselves not knowing enough about tekkit mods. For example. Factories made from buildcraft pipes are so dreadful. They almost always over flow and leak entities which mass amount will cause lag. Or a quarry leading to a single chest that overflows. These are honestly the only sources of any lag on my home hosted server. Any time I see lag I do /lag and if it isnt sitting at 20TPS I run /remove items. That will delete any entities in your world. I also depend on a plugin called Clear Lagg to run that command every 10 minutes.
  8. Yes everything was correct as I said the server was running for hours before any issues. Ive seem to of got it working now, even though Ive done nothing different. I guess my concern was why it crashed. Also having an issue setting user groups with my Staff. Keeps them tagged as default group 'Member' but they can still do 'Staff' Commands.
  9. I spent the day loading permissions and writing the nodes via game chat. All went fine. Did /pex reload whenever I needed to. Ran fine for about 9 hours. I edited something than ran /pex reload and it crashed my server. The server booted fine but no one could do anything or had any permissions. All permission nodes were intact. Re downloaded PEX and still nothing. Any idea why this is happening? For the time being I took everything out but I would like to get permissions back in at some point. Server 3.1.3
  10. Ive used this before but now on this new server Im making when I paste it into the core.yml and do /lock I get "An internal error has occured" Server is 3.1.3
  11. For anyone trying to become whitelisted, please stop messaging me here and on my forums with crap like "how do I get whitelisted" its a simple enjin forum. If you can't navigate your way to the application forums than we don't want you on Eyetek.
  12. This is tehtriforce. I havent been on for a week but logging in today it shows there seems to be a whitelist now. Just curious what it is I need to do.

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      http://eyetek.enjin.com/forum Register there Go to whitelist applications and fill out the app in a new thread. I just need it so I have a list. Youll get in though.

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