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  1. Accepted. And no, it does the exact opposite; it effectively prevents people younger than that age from joining. As I've said several times now, I put it in after a few people kept getting confused about coordinates because they didn't understand what a negative number is. Anyone remotely close to having a brain should be able to get it correct pretty easily. Yes, some people have gotten it wrong.
  2. There appears to be a problem relating to the disk space, according to the error messages. I checked my beastnode profile and I'm only using about 4.8gb out of 7gb, so I don't know what's up with that. I've sent beastnode a ticket.
  3. Accepted. (And no, dcba, I specifically said positive value, as in NOT ABSOLUTE. I changed the question to that after a couple clever guys thought they would try and give me the absolute value. And yes you can write about whoever you want.) Also, haven't I seen you somewhere before, Abbasinia?
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