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  1. Hi, I am building a factory to automate crafting solar panels and I was wondering if there is any component in redpower (I know there are things like timers, etc) that can extend any pulse it is given by a few seconds. For example, if a 1 second pulse was fed into it, would it be able to be programmed to give back out a 3 second pulse? If you can help it would be much appreciated!
  2. You could use a dark matter spade to take out panels of dirt at a time?
  3. Please don't get angry at me for posting this as I know the information is already on the forum, and I have read it, I just want to verify what I have read, with you. I was reading a very technical thread about all things power related in IndustrialCraft and found it very useful. I read all the answers to my questions but I want to ask you just to make sure I have understood correctly: EU is distributed in packets by many different wires, and insulating these wires will prevent energy loss over a distance? Also, how does energy loss work? If a packet of 30 EU was sent out over a cable, would it work something like this: after 30 blocks, the packet of 30 EU will be reduced by x amount. Or is it more, every block, the packet loses 5% of its energy? If what I said first was correct, would this mean that I could put in an energy collector (like a batbox) after the cable reaches 29 blocks, and then just have the cable coming back off the energy collector, meaning I have lost 0 energy and the energy will continue to travel another 30 blocks without any losses. If the second thing I said was correct, I guess this would mean there's no way of completely overcoming energy loss, right? If it works differently to this, could you please explain to me exactly how it works? Another question I have is that I have learnt in real life that if you reduce voltage and increase current using a transformer, you can send electricity more efficiently over long distances. Is this the same in Tekkit? If I had a HV solar array producing high-voltage EU, but needed the EU to travel quite a distance, would it be more efficient if I used transformers to lower the voltage, and then just step the voltage back up using transformers when it reaches the machine I needed to power? And finally, are HV cables more efficient at carrying high-voltage EU or are glass fibre cables just the best at doing everything, even at low voltages? Thanks so much if you manage to answer my questions, I know they are messy and long-winded. Erg Mod Edit: Don't.