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  1. This looks like a great idea. I cant wait to play it, but in the meantime maybe you could get it up on a tekkit server and i would love to help you on it. if you wanted of course. if not ill just have to be patient...
  2. Just so this gets logged. I figured out a workaround to the problem. I created another admin account and tried it on there, it worked with no problem. I set the texture pack and played the game for a bit. I then logged out and then logged back in to my account and tried again, this time the texture pack was applied already, and everything worked no problem.
  3. Ok. I am running as admin... and i did paste the .zip right into the appdata folder manually. but when i went into technic/tekkit (happens with both) it doesnt show up as a selectable texture pack. This made me think that i was putting the .zip in the wrong place. so i clicked on the "open texture pack folder" button to put it in that way, and that is when it gave me this error. And i know that java has nothing to do with texture packs, i was just saying that the game itself cannot find its own texture pack folder. it only knows the default (which is built in). Thanks again. Ill just go through everything and make sure they are running admin, just in case anything bugged out. Thanks.
  4. Haha thanks. I already tried backing everything up, and then deleting the .techniclauncher folder. I know how to get to the .minecraft folder and i know that the .techniclauncher folder is right next to it. Also i cannot reinstall the technic launcher because it is an executable file that doesnt install itself into the program files. It just creates the .techniclauncher folder and lauches the java program of your choice. Also i have tried following the filepath (which puts me in my user folder). The file path for the .techniclauncher folder should be "users/(insert username here)/appdata/roaming" I put the texture pack in the correct location "users/(insert username here)/appdata/roaming/.techniclauncher/(insert mod name here)/texturepacks" But the problem i am having is that the actual java program itself is looking in the wrong place for the texture packs. it is looking here "C:/users/(insert username here)/.techninclauncher/technicssp/texturepacks" (just look at the pic.). But thanks for your help anyway.
  5. Hey, So yea. I wanted to apply the Sphax BDcraft texture pack (like the one from Tekkit with Duncan(and others)). but when i went into Technic (and Tekkit) and click on "Texture Packs" then click on "Open Texture Pack Folder" I get an error that says location not found (see pic). I know that this is not a technic/tekkit problem because my friend who wanted the same thing was able to do this no problem. I have added texture packs before just not on Technic/Tekkit but in straight-up minecraft, without any problems. Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong/ screwed up. Because i am just flat out confused. I am fairly computer savy and i have tried a bunch of things like trying to get the launcher to reset/rebuild the .tekkitlauncher folder, thinking that something got screwed up in the file trees. When looking at the error from the pic i see that it is looking in the wrong place for the texturepacks folder (kinda weird right). and if i put this in the wrong section please feel free to move it.
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