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  1. im also on a mac would that cause any problems
  2. im not shure but do u have any spasific laptops i should look into
  3. very often me and two people play on my server and it crashes telling us some kinda java problem and it continues to say [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? im on a mac so any help would be nice
  4. ya i got it like 5 min ago
  5. iv been told worldedit is already in tekkit but idk how to use it any help
  6. and hears a video i mad it shaow how to port forward in it
  7. yuse this link thats how i did mine on a mac and it runs fine
  8. so what im hearing is world edit is in tekkit when you get it but i cant figure out how to use it if its actualy there so any help would be nice for me and my fello ops on my server