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  1. Hey everyone, Just to announce to all of you, we now have a tekkit server and for now its not white-listed yet! Here is all of the information: Plugins [*] Essentials [*] Worldedit [*] LWC [*] Worldguard [*] Groupmanager [*] And more! Rules [*] No begging harassing other players for items [*] No griefing or stealing [*] Please use common sense at all times [*] Please keep the foul language to a minimum [*] Be respectful to other members of the community [*] Please listen to other community members Staff List Head Administrators: Zumorio Administrators Tristen Moderators Kmen117 Banned items TNT Lava (Placing) Nukes Industrial TNT Server IP USE TEKKIT CLASS 3.1.2, OR YOU'LL NOT BE ABLE TO JOIN! White-list Minecraft Name: Age: Country Why do you want to join: If you got banned (MCBANS), explain your bans: Other information The Server will be 24/7 ASAP. Best anti-grieffing tools are included in the server. Protection only available to ask in-game for now.
  2. IN GAME NAME: Jimmy0wns AGE: 12 TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: I like playing tekkit with friends TIMEZONE: the Netherlands; GMT +0 EVER BANNED? IF SO WHY: nope TEKKIT EXPERIENCE: Since 3.1.0
  3. IGN: Jimmy0wns Age: 12 Country: the Netherlands Tekkit Experience: Tekkit classic 3.0.1 Do you have a Mic: Yes/No Yes Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes Reason or Reasons for wanting to join? I am searching for a good server and i just want to make a base and play tekkit.
  4. IP: Server Rules: No chests, hacks or exploits No spamming chat No advertising Do not abuse staff, we are here to help No exessive use of bad language No combat logging Dont make or use any rockets/explosives that can explode 10 chunks. ( MAXIMUM ) Have fun! No mods have been removed from the mod pack No banned items! The server is made by me, i've bought this server because i wanted to play it with friends (vanilla), but because i watch the yogscast a lot, and they are doing a voltz series, so i was making a voltz server with no banned items, exept redmatter explosives/missiles This server should be up 24/7 We have a little communtiy going at the moment but we would like to expand the community thats why we need you! The server runs on 2GB RAM IGN: Age: How long have you been playing Minecraft? How long have you been playing Voltz/Universal Electricity? What would you say your skill/knowledge level is in Voltz? (beginner, fair, adept, etc) Why do you want to play on the server?: What do you think you'd like to do if you are accepted?:
  5. In-Game Name: Jimmy0wns Age: 14 Experience with Tekkit: I have been playing for 2 months. Did you read the rules?: Yes i did. Your personal http://whitelist.mcf.li/ link: http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/abfa2210f02c7fb148d7d727eb96013c5d050b5a Why were you banned?[if not leave blank]:
  6. Searching for people for my tekkit server :)

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