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  1. Wow, thanks for all the information guys! These forums are proving very useful in my times of need. I'll be sure to come back here in the future. Thanks everyone!
  2. Ok. Last question. Does this blackish-gray block pose any use to me? My guess is it's probably decoration.
  3. Hmm. Alright, is this common? This is my first Technic world and it was right next to my spawn. I don't see any others though.
  4. Here is a picture: I'm not sure which mod this is.
  5. Ok, I am a little confused and frankly, every thread of the topic ends up in arguements about NOTHING this topic has to do with. Is the most recent release of the Technic (or Tekkit) pack for 1.2.5 ONLY? I would like to play it but updated to 1.3.1. I don't mind downgrading but am I correct? Thanks!
  6. Ok, here is the deal. Is Tekkit Multiplayer only? I've only ever seen it mentioned as a SMP mod and in videos, there are always multiplayers with the tekkit pack. I would like to play Tekkit over Technic simply because I don't enjoy the magicy mods (i.e. Thaumcraft or Mystcraft). So, is this possible? I enjoy the building and factory type mods that are generally in the tekkit pack. Thanks, -D4 Mod Edit: *Bloop*
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