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  1. RedPower Geeks Unite! RedPower is making a comeback with the help of ChickenBones and MrTJP! --- Remember RedPower? I do! It was the magical mod that made redstone amazing! Well it is back! Complete with lamps, micro blocks, all the wires, and the logic gates! So I know what you are thinking, "where are the pipes and machines?" Well they are in development but you can stick with BuildCraft for now. I believe this mod should be added into Tekkit. Who is with me? It used to be in the original Tekkit and it can be again! If you want to take a demo of it then it is right over here.
  2. The other thing is it only crashes on the creative menu, I am removing some mods so ya...
  3. I am on a 64 bit running 2 gigs and it is crashing (actually freezing)
  4. My pack needs more memory but I don't know how to launch it with more memory through the platform.
  5. Join this server! READ ALL OF THE FOURM TO MY UPDATE POST: http://j.mp/OXkdPA