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  1. Name: TheR00k Because i was a detonator on jwl tekkit and am wondering why it's not auto white-listed me for this server.
  2. Played server for a while. Its full of nice people but has some major issues with vanishing items. Random deaths for no reason. items going missing ect. after second fully upgraded power armor just vanished after /home i've given up.
  3. right. he was not on or any where round when i was at his building and had not been around for days that i had seen. His obsidian. was outside! You do not clarify on your rules about abandoned/unprotected houses. And if he was stupid to the point not to ask for protection. well....... I took nothing from inside his building!!! yes i broke maybe 3 blocks to have a look round see if i could see any signs of life. It does not excuse your response. Especially when you would claim me a greifer for taking maybe 9 obsidian. And you roll up and spend 5 mind slowly (well invisible i add) wrecking my PROTECTED house. and buildings. Note buildings i had help building. I like your server. but this was childish. And have no problem admitting my fault to publicly slate your actions.
  4. TOTAL BS. his house had not been used. and had no protection. If it had protection i would not of been able to break anything!!! And once again by stuff you refer to 8 obsidian blocks outside the house? You made no effort to contact me to here what i had to say before destroying days of work. you Slowly took everything apart with explosives, spawned tree's every where and messed around. When i asked wtf was going on and for you to come to where i was you said that all you could see was a HOLE! People would not have to take uglyness to forums if there had been some reasonable process followed. You claim a anti greifing server. But at the slightest mistaken action you take pleasure in destroying players and screwing with them instead of explaining anything. How can you distinguish between a active house and a inactive one if it is not protected? And no one is there for days? It's sad because i give you credit on your spawn. ranks and protection system as well as no pvp outside arena and shops. But your moderation and rules are a law to them self. I can't recommend this server because of that. And won't edit my posts to reflect more positive on you with such childish overhand moderators.
  5. Do not join this server!!! after 4 days building. A admin just attacked and destroyed everything i done with no explanation then banned me from the server. I asked why he was doing it and he just ignored me. Ban said greifing. When i was in my own little area working with my neighbor doing nout for hours. The only thing i can think of was that i took 9 obsidian from a abandoned house. Hardly greifing. sad cus they had a nice system for ranking ect. Was a little laggy during peak hours. If it was this then i say wtf. as no one had been on around the obsidian in ages and it was unprotected. Was certainly no need to destroy a multi level tower ect i built with another player. and all the gear
  6. OK so some one really needs to put in BIG bold writing that you have to turn it to tekkit on the launcher. It was so simple yet sooo easy overlooked!
  7. Right so i can't post in the bug section and have read the first 3 pages of all the MP forums for relevant looking topics but still can't get any where. So here goes. I DL tekkit and have run it for a few months on and off. Got bored of SSP so wanted to try mp. I updated to newest relevant build and wiped cache. Since then i have tryied to join many servers. And i keep getting a message saying i am missing several mods. It sometimes varies but not often. And i have been unable to get around it. I have tried going back a build and trying again but with no luck. Please help I am looking for a active Server with no greifing
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