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  1. Minecraft Username: gingercon568 Age:15 Timezone/Country:great britan What you plan to do on tekkit: equivalent exchange some railcraft i know the basics for almost all the mods i am registered at koolsource.com
  2. IGN:gingercon568 Tekkit intrests: EE Skype name: gingercon13 Time played on tekkit 1-2 years Severs known on: ExtreamePro craft, Gearz tekkit Desired NICK: The Necrochemist (the dead alchemist) BIO: Born as dark elf in the forbidden woods has always look for ways to change the natural ways of life, burn the earth and twist nature for years he was feared and hated by most all of this was brought on by the tragic history of him watching he parents ripped apart by raiders he hardly ever talk after this but over the thousands of years of his magical life he has had one love which gave compassion and kindness which made him change his ways and he blew up his tower and left the woods being. still hunted he came to the land of Dune to restart his life and regain his power and use his magic to help the good and destroy the evil lurking inside of people. The reason for settling on dune was he lost love said the will be reunited and the time when Dune will rise above all. APPEARANCE: after trying many disguises his last resort was to burn his body and enchant flames into his skin flames of purple and eyes too but no lips or mouth as he talks with telepathic magic.
  3. Minecraft Username: gingercon568 Age:15 Have you ever been banned:yes my friend blew stuff up and sed we all did it :L What do you plan to do on the server:play tekkit and have a fun time Do you have any previous experience with tekkit: yes ive have been playing tekkit since it was in minecraft betamod
  4. im not white listed but i was on the old sever can i be white listed plz cod btw its gingercon568
  5. name: gingercon568 IRL name: connor Age: 15 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): i would rather venture out and build my mage tower to sell and trade in EE Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? yes ive played it since it was out for minecraft 1.8 pre realse what is the purpose of a macerator? a macerator is used to crush ores into dust but 1ore = 2 dust so it is amzing for increasing materials Recommendations(if you been invited): ive been looking for and amazinf tekkit server and yous is endorsed by yogscast so you must be amazing Others things i should know: i live in the UK and i have dislexia so forgive my spelling and i wish to become the grand mage
  6. I've added forestry and it all there but when ever i craft an machine like the logger it never shows up in the crafted section help plz
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