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  1. sorry nothing i can do about that for you
  2. let me point this out. im so tired im not even going out to get drunk tonight and i just got all my personal shit sorted out so i will take some latter. and throw them up for you. or some other bs. ALSO STOP BITCHING ON THE THREAD I HAVE NO TIME FOR 13 YEAR OLD DRAMA NO OFFENSE !
  3. yea i kind of gathered that when the death star made the page go BOOM!
  4. sense people think im nero im not and im to lazy to post a screenshot so yea deal with it
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/?hsmmieblb3nlx7x\ this is just a reupload of the pack sense the thread got locked and what not. http://youtu.be/kTCUBCWDP_A
  6. ok umm i love the stone cobble stone dirt sand stuff like that. only issues i have are the ore seams to look a bit cartoonish not to bad tho. i know there are to many things to base it on.but like for iron you should try and. like use the stone texture for outer and a good iron texture for the midle so it looks more real. same with other textures that apply and the wood planks have to much of a shine to them. i would say try and dull them a bit. maybe some thing more the this? and can u make it compatible for minecraft 1.4.2 ? other then that i love the texture pack.
  7. can any body see if it is possible to get lb to work with tekkit? i would love to use that texture pack again.
  8. any way i can install to my ssd ?