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  1. for a while stained trees grew very slowly and dropped few saplings. There was an update and then they grew quicker, dropped more saplings and were working well with a planter, harvester, fertilizer set up. Today the fertilizer is not working at all and several trees i planted seperate from the system aren't growing on their own or with bone meal. Any ideas on what's up and how to fix it?
  2. i have four walls in my house that the pictures on them just randomly fall off. If I'm there at the time I can pick them up and put them back up but most of the time they just disappear. Does anyone know why this might be happening and what to do about it? All other pictures stay put, the walls are made out of basic game materials and 2 that are near a fireplace are more than the required distance from the fire.
  3. Mhyreade

    UI problem

    see the grey squares - this is the transmute table but they're on everything I open. oh crud the screenshot didn't worknvm
  4. Mhyreade

    UI problem

    Everything was fine then all of a sudden I have grey boxes in every UI in the game. Everything still works but is really hard to see. Can anyone tell me what I did and how to fix it? Issue number 2, there are four places that pictures fall off my wall. Anyone know why that might be? there are several places in the house in question that have art on them that this doesn't happen.
  5. thanks for the helpful information. I wasn't sure how it worked or what to do or watch for.
  6. Our version of the game still says 1.2.5. Is that just because Mods aren't updated yet? If so how will we know when everything is ready. We're new to Tekkit and are not sure if there's something we should be doing or if it's just a matter of waiting.
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