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  1. Hello, we recently set up a server and everything has been running smoothly, but as soon as we place down a computer, the server crashes. And when someone enters the same chunk as it, it crashes again. We're not sure why and we were lucky that we had worldedit installed to remove it through command. Anyone able to help us out here? We want to use computers but it just crashes the server. Using bukkit server as well if it helps. And if needed i can post the plugin list.
  2. Hey everyone, i've just started out a tekkit tutorial series, im making a video every few days and have two out at the moment Please have a look at them when you can. Thanks Tekkit Tut's #1-Infinite Items http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TlUyve2Av0 Tekkit Tut's #2-Block Breakers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-oP8lhZ-WY
  3. Windows, sorry i should of added that
  4. Hey guys, Im looking to make a texture pack but im not sure where all the files are. I know how to get the basic minecraft files and folders but im stuck on where the tekkit files are. If anyone could tell me where they are that would be great Thanks.
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