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  1. Actually I just finished it. You can still play the old version if you'd like, but now the finished one is here.
  2. Alright, I'll send you it soon. To be honest I'll probably not finish this map, though I might start work on it again. I figured not many people would want to play it with all these new mods out, but what do I know.
  3. This sounds like a really great server. Are you ever going to start it up again?
  4. I do have a part where you have to find the password to a computer. I still need a way to make it challenging to find the password.
  5. IGN: Zegaroth Age: 14 Reason for joining: I can't find any good servers. Have you read the rules: Yes. Tekkit experience: "Master of Alchemy"
  6. Well, science (Or at least Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graviton ) tells us that gravitons are a mass-less particle with an atomic spin of 2. If we can find a way to manipulate these particles, we can create gravity fields.
  7. Woohoo, yay for anti-matter! Anyways, now that we brought that subject up, I had some ideas on how to use it for energy/fuel. It takes more energy to create it then when it explodes, so we would need to find some that already exists. I remember reading somewhere that anti-matter galaxies could exist and we don't even know, because light reacts to anti-matter just like normal matter. This means, if we had a container that could keep it suspended and also we could travel such long distances, we could snag some. NASA is already working on a faster-then-light drive, though it doesn't actually go faster then light. Instead, it makes the space itself that's in front of it shrink down. This way, you can travel 127 light years in only 6 years. As for the container, we can't use magnets because magnets use electrons to work, while anti-matter has positrons (Would anti-electricity be positricity?) that would explode when it comes in contact with electrons. If we can find a way to make a really strong anti-gravity field inside the container, we could keep it in the center and therefore not worry about the 43 megaton of TNT explosion.
  8. I'm pretty sure you can turn matter into energy, it might not happen in the sun but I read that if anti-matter touches matter they will completely obliterate each other, creating massive amounts of energy (1 ounce of anti-matter=43 megatons of TNT, about that of the Tsar Bomb). Therefore I would expect energy (Though huge amounts would be required) could be turned into matter. And maybe you can't do that, you could be right.
  9. Yes, but you're stilling using the water and CO2. The sunlight is like a fuel or power source used to rearrange already existing matter into a different- Never mind, Xylord explained it.
  10. Now, many times while playing Tekkit and using the things you normally cannot use in real life (Alchemy bags, Nano-suit armor) I like to think of theories and such of how these would work. The most recent one on my mind in that Nano-Suit armor is made of buckminsterfullerene, a form of carbon harder then diamond. Here is a video about its discovery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVZRGcg-BXI I have had many other theories and ideas, not that they are on my mind now, but I plan on posting them from time to time. As for alchemy bags, I can think of nothing but collapsing space (Without collapsing the mass) which would require ridiculous amounts of energy. I also think energy collectors could be made in real life, though not very effectively. In our very own sun, matter is converted into energy in the form of light and heat(hydrogen and helium smush into each other from the intense gravity, and then explode), so why can't we reverse engineer this? Well, the main problem is that small amounts of matter produce huge amounts of energy, which means we are going to need gigantic amounts of energy if we plain on making anything useful. Therefor, it doesn't make much sense to use the faint light of the world around you to make matter, which is what an energy collector does. Until I remember my other cool ideas, that's it. I'll update every once and a while.
  11. Oh drat, I forgot to go to the starting room when wrapped up the map! Sorry about that. I'll send you the correct file in about an hour.
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