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  1. So for several modpacks in a row I've had the same exact error appear while trying to download and install them. It reads: So what's going on and how do I fix it?
  2. Dunno if I can talk about Thaumcraft 4 here, but I'm gonna. Basically does taint always from a tainted node? Like when you encounter it in the wild thanks to the random map generator, is it because a tainted node was randomly spawned as well? If so, are there any tips on finding it?
  3. In a number of modpacks Iève seen this version of the Nuke popping up, with this interface. Very simple question; how does it work?
  4. I can't seem to allocate more than 1 GB of memory to Technic Launcher. And I have no idea if I have the 32 or 64 bit version of java, nor do I know where to find the latter. The Java website just has you download 'Java'. That's it. So I'm very confused.
  5. Launcher Version: 253 Operating System: Windows 8 Java Version: Latest Antivirus Program: Description of Problem: "Error unzipping file for the following pack: <insert pack name> Error unzipping file: <insert directory> Please consult the modpack author or try to run the pack again." I am getting this error message for every single modpack download. Every. Single. One. If it comes from the 'Browse Modpacks' section of this site then it results in this message without fail. Error Messages: See above. Error Log:
  6. This is a rather persistent and prevalent problem I'm finding. I can't get a single downloaded modpack to work. Only the in-built ones function properly. Not a single one I've downloaded has worked.
  7. Nope, can't submit a bug report. Insufficient privileges. -downloaded new technic launcher -couldn't find it, downloaded again and set the Desktop as the Destination Folder -still couldn't find the shortcut after shutting it down (I thought changing destination folder would change where the icon went) -downloaded again, found where it was going and dragged shortcut to desktop -made new folder called TechnicLauncherNew for all the files -opened Launcher, changed the destination folder to the TechnicLauncherNew one -closed Launcher -opened Launcher and desktop icons vanish, go into fo
  8. I downloaded the new Technic Launcher, and when I tried to change the destination folder, from within the platform, it restarted itself, but also seemed to wipe a large chunk of my desktop icons. In addition the folder I changed it to, a custom folder called 'TechnicLauncherNew' seemed to become eternally looping within itself. That is there's a folder with the exact same name inside it, and a duplicate inside that, and so on and so on (You dawg so I heard you hate useless folders that crash your computer, so I put the folder in a folder in a folder...). And the file name is apparently too lon
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