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  1. One of the most enjoyable servers you'll ever play on. It has the funnest (if that's even a word) community with the most caring owners and staff team I think I've ever seen. Also Aegis have several other servers if you don't like PvP. :)
  2. I found out what was causing this, it was using sphax. I was using default to reduce chunk lag, but as it's so bad I had to switch back to sphax. I tried joining the server I go on and this problem occurred.
  3. Ahh thanks Torezu, as you can probably tell i'm new here. ;D
  4. Just what the title says, does anyone have a download link for the Faithful Texture Pack with Tekkit textures?
  5. So I deleted my .techniclauncher folder and the launcher, re installed everything and now this problem is gone, although I did this before and it didn't solve the problem. Thanks for your time :D
  6. Hmm okay, I have no other versions of Java installed, what do you think I should do? :/
  7. That is everything in the launcher_0.log file. I have no launcher_1.log file. I also have launcher_0, launcher_1, launcher_2, launcher_3 and launcher_4. The game/launcher is closed. Not sure if all this is normal?
  8. Oh wait a minute, there is a launcher_0 and launcher_0.log, you want the .log or shall I do launcher_1?
  9. Indirect bump with some info, sometimes it loads to join the server, sometimes it goes unresponsive.
  10. More recently I have been getting end of stream if this helps... :/
  11. Updated, that's the only thing it says next to the time I tried to log in to a server just now.
  12. Title: Can't get on to any server the first time the launcher is open. Version: 3.1.2 OS: 64-bit windows Java Version: Java 7 Update 5 Description of Problem: I can never ever get on to ANY server the first time of the launcher being open, every time after that is fine. It will load for about 20-30 seconds and then get a error message. This has happened on multiple versions of Tekkit. Error Messages: End of stream Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Not enough data Error Log: [23:53:20] [sEVERE]------------------------------------------ [23:53:20] [sEVERE]Launcher
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