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  1. Thanks guys for posting, I will be contacting people on skype, also if I did contact you and remove you by mistake, please post that I did. People that I have remembered so far, theyogscast, Garretto, xxKissx0, possibly DUDECITO and Gamzee Makara. Once again, thanks guys!
  2. Thanks guys for the response! I will be picking four people to start a series!
  3. Hey minecrafters, I have a few thousand views on my youtube account - FPSTopStudios. I want to step it up by starting this series and go crazy. Here are the rules. RULES: Must be 11 -15 years old Must have a time zone around +/-8:00 Must have Skype and a microphone Must know the English language Must have Minecraft Must have a good sense of humour Please answer the steps with your skype name and youtube name!
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