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  1. Except those are BC... IDEALLY, I'd like to avoid using BC as much as possible.
  2. Does anyone know of any good tutorials for making a solar panel factory? I've been googling and youtubing, and there are some neat ones out there (Sblat's HV Array factory is cool), but the problem is, every one I've found uses EE Condensers. The server I play on has EE disabled, so they won't work, and I've been having all kinds of trouble trying to adapt something to work. I've managed to get something working... sort of.... but the problems I've encountered are: Distribution of materials; I know how to send materials to specific destinations, but how about sending the same materials to multiple destinations in a specific amount? for example, each solar panel needs 1 refined iron for each circuit, plus 8 for the machine block for the generator. I've tried setting up separate runs for the crafting of the machine blocks and circuits, but the problem is getting the materials to 'balance' between multiple destinations. I've tried sending all the refined iron to a chest and then having multiple ACT's around the chest pulling from it, but the problem there is I'll end up with a billion circuits and no machine blocks. Similar issue with redstone and insulated copper cable for the circuits and re-bats. With BC pipes, you can set a pipe to send x number of items down each path, so I could set a path to the circuit bench to get 2 refined iron while the one for the machine block gets 8. I don't believe there's anything like that for BC pipes. Another problem I've found is the ACT MkI's don't work right with Filters. The filter will pull out of the crafting space regardless of which side it's on (I've tried top, bottom and all 4 sides). Another problem is the ACT MkII's inventory doesn't work like a chest. Each row is filled from a different face, so it's very easy to fill up the inventory and have production halt. This is especially problematic for the last step where you could have a ton of glass & coal dust, which could prevent circuits and generators from entering. I've tried piping in multiple sides but had issues there as well. To add to that, apparently, the MkII can't pull from a chest like the MkI (If it could, that would solve the inventory issue). What I'd like to make is something that if I give it the base materials (Copper Ingots, Iron Ingots, Redstone, Tin Ingots, Resin, Glass, Cobble, Coal) that are initially created using UU-Matter (that's a different assembly line that I've been able to make, although horribly sprawling and inefficient; If someone's made something similar that's nice and efficient, I'd like to try to duplicate it), it'll fab the panels automatically. Extending that all the way to HV Arrays would be neat, but making HV Arrays from stacks of panels is far less tedious than making stacks on stacks on stacks of panels to make the arrays. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. I year you. At this point, I'm only using a few TP Pipes. The problems are Ender chests are disabled on the server I'm playing on, so there is really no good way to get items from quarries far off to home, and there is no other way that I'm aware of to send power over distances like that. Yes, one could set up power at the quarry, but having to take it down and move it every time the quarry finished and is moved is almost as much of a pain as the TP Pipes. I had played with the pneumatic pipes a little while ago, but the problem is IMO, there's no good way to get them out of a chest and sort them like with the BC pipes. Yes, there is the sorting machine, which frankly, is the best way to accomplish the task, BUT it requires Bluetricity, Which I'm not overly interested in messing with... The other problem with the Sorting machine is it seems whenever an item that matched a filter showed up in the chest, the sorting machin stopped working. I just tested it in SP and it did the same thing...
  4. Yes, you must use wooden to extract power from the EL. I was also under the impression that you needed to use the wooden to 'extract' the power form the receiving TP Pipe; I was wrong about that one . So far, for me, the only thing that's worked on the sending side is EL -> Wood pipe -> Power TP Pipe. Nothing else has worked. If I put anything else in there between the wood & TP Pipe (Stone, gold, etc), the recieving end cannot get power. If I use wood, place and set everything, then come back and remove and re-place the wood pipe, power starts flowing. The receiving side seems to me more or less indifferent, but I'll look to put three sections of stone or gold in.
  5. I will keep that in mind.... I added a second TP Pipe to the EL to test some more... With it EL -> Wood -> Stone -> TP, I could not get it to send power, even if I removed one or both of the pipes in between the EL & TP. When I put it back to EL -> Wood -> TP, it worked as soon as I put the wood pipe back. I'll do some more experimenting with longer pipes and see what I get. Thanks for your input.
  6. well, I've been using wood from the beginning and it has worked.... having said that, Your suggestion of using stone on the output didn't work directly.... I FINALLY got my quarry working. What appears to have worked is I set the receiving pipe, then returned to the send pipe and removed the wood pipe connecting it to the Energy Link and re-placed the wood pipe. The quarry then started working.... I'm not going to mess with it again until the quarry finishes. I'll experiment some more later I think.
  7. I've tried about everything I can think of. Changing frequencies, location, orientation, etc. Nothing helps. There's not much to take pics of... On the send side, it goes Energy Link -> Wooden conductive pipe -> Power Teleport pipe On the receive side it's Power Teleport Pipe -> Wooden Conductive -> Quarry. Obviously, the frequencies are set the same and on the receive side, the TP Pipe is set to 'Can Receive: True' That's the setup I've been using since day one and it has been working perfectly until now. I've tried variations on the pipes, such as Wood Cond -> Gold Cond, Gold Cond -> Wood Cond etc, as well as changing location and orientation, all with no change in (mis)behavior.
  8. I've been playing on a 3.1.2 Tekkit server for some time. I've been using the Teleport pipes on this server since day one, and on another server prior. I have used them primarily to get power to my Quarry, and the mined blocks back to my home for sorting and disposal as needed. The pipes had been working perfectly for a long time, then suddenly, for no reason, they stopped working. The power teleport pipes appeared to be the first. My quarry had stopped running and initially the way the laser head was up at the top, I thought it had hit bedrock, but it hadn't. Turned out it wasn't getting power. I tried everything I could think of. Did experimenting with both send and receive withing a few blocks of each other, but they would not send power. The Batbox supplying power to the EnergyLink and send pipe showed energy usage, but there was none being received or used anywhere. Had another player take a look and he couldn't get them to work right either. Got them to work once, then we took them down and put them back , but again, they would not work. Last night I removed every TP Pipe I placed and waited for the server to reboot and tried agin, with no success. Someone suggested doing the following: Try replace it once again without powering the Sender-Pipe. Then you set the frequency, but leave "receiving: false". Power the sender and then you set the receiver ":true". This worked for one pair, but when I added another receive pipe, no power. Now it seems the other pipes aren't working.... I re-placed a pair of waterproof TP Pipes to transport Lava to my Geothermal generators, which was also working before, but they do not work either (they are in adjacent chunks that are loaded with a dimensional anchor). Does anyone have any idea why the pipes suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason, or any thoughts on how to actually fix them?
  9. Yes, I know about the target function. The issue is it the Wiki says it will remember all items you place in it so you don't need to have said item to make it (unlike with the condenser). If that's true, how do you get to the rest of the items it knows how to make? The other thing that's better about the tablet than the condenser is if you want something cheap (say glass), and have a ton of EMC available to the condenser, you have to be VERY quick about getting it in and out or you'll have more stacks of glass than you know what to do with... with the tablet, you can get one block or stacks... whichever you want.
  10. I'm STILL having power glitch issues. Power always works fine until the server restarts, at which point, some or all deviced get lost in the weeds. It requires me either taking out and replacing a MV transformer or a flass fibre cable. I have virtually no splits in cables (there's only one prior to the first MFSU to split the output from my HV Solar Array to two MFSUs - one for my Mass Fabricator and one for pretty much anything else), I have my machines grouped in threes with a LV transformer under the middle one of each group and a Glass Fibre cable out each side of the transformers to the adjacent machines. All 'splits' are being done using two MV transformers - I have the feed from the MFSU entering the HV side, then one output going to each LV transformer and on the first MV Transformer, one output going to the HV side of a second MV transformer, where I'm using four of the five outputs, each one feeding a different bank of machines. It seems splits (I had several more before I moved & redesigned my 'house'. Now the only one is before the first MFSH. All problems seem to occur after the MFSU. Is anyone else having similar glich issues? Is there anything that can be done, or is it just 'the way it is'?
  11. I just 'discovered' the transmutation tablet, and while I have been using a condenser, the main nice thing, IMO, about the Transmutation tablet, is that once it 'learns' and item, you don't have to have that item to make it... In theory. My question is, if the item you're not looking for is not in the 'list' that you get on the right side when you place items or a Klein star in the left side (assuming you put enough EMC there for said item), is there a way to get a more comprehensive lsit of items available for transmutation? If there isn't, I'd think you'd need to have at least one of anything you might want to make with the Transmutation tablet. It doesn't really matter a whole lot to me because I keep an 'archive' of one of everything that can be used in the condenser or Transmutation tablet, but if there is a way to get more options, it would be good to know.
  12. Hmm. Well, maybe I'll change it at some point, but ATM, I'm mostly concerned about creepers being 'accidentally' detonated. One of the players detonated one by accident not too far from my home not to long ago...
  13. What more can reinforced stone hold up to that Obby can't? In my testing in creative mode, Obby had no problem surviving anything and everythign short of a nuke. Creepers. TnT. Industrial TNT. Same with the Reinforced glass.
  14. Yes, and it was recieving. The fact that it was and there were no 'popped out' blocks that I could pick up leads me to believe it was a visual 'glitch'.
  15. The 'glitch' that I saw was at the quarry where there's one length of Stone pipe before the teleport pipe. Won't the item only pop out at the receive end if the recieving container is full, not bounce back through the TP pipe to the Quarry? If it was unable to send to anohter pipe, I would expect it to bounce back at the quarry side without sending across the TP Pipe. I filled up two silver chests with cobble long ago and set up an overflow path that takes all excess cobble and dirt (filled up dirt too) and pipes it straight to my Antimatter Relay. All other chests have plenty of room.
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