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  1. Necrobump. I'm around again! Current thoughts: Having multiple tiers of pipes is probably a bad thing, since it adds complexity. Compare to BuildCraft where there is mostly only one tier of pipe, and so the things you place are like pipes with modules pre-applied. It reduces inventory clutter compared to having to carry around pipes + modules separately. Should pipe intersections send items in random directions? I don't know. Currently items try to continue in a straight line. Liquid pipes should be connectable to machines. I don't remember whether liquid pipes are in any released ve
  2. It wouldn't be weird because it's outdated technology, it would be weird because you'd have to use two sides for power. You could have a hydraulic turbine connected to two hydraulic pipes and an axle, then connect the axle to the macerator - then the macerator wouldn't have to have two sides for power...
  3. The OP has been updated to link to the newest version of the mod. Added module recipes. There are no obvious recipes to use for these, so I made them similar to the BC pipe recipes, but with stone instead of glass: Vacuum module: Extractor module: Directional module: Item filter module: Tag filter module: Colour filter module - any vanilla dye works: Tagging module - any vanilla dyes work: FORTH module: Insertion module: Redstone control module: Redstone detector module: Acceleration module: Deceleration module: Note: FORTH modules
  4. Saying "it works with pipes other than iron" (from a BC perspective) is equivalent to saying "it works with modules other than redstone control modules"... and neither is a particularly useful thing to say.
  5. Well yes, but only because the fact that a pipe is made of iron means something completely different.
  6. With an iron pipe you need something like this: R -+- W R = redstone signal W = wooden pipe (input) - = any pipe (output) + = iron pipe With a redstone control module you need something like this: R X+- | R = redstone signal X = pipe with redstone control module + = pipe | = pipe (output) - = pipe (input)
  7. It should be about the same size...
  8. In Buildcraft you can do something similar using an iron pipe. I should reiterate that I don't think this is a good power transfer system. But if someone wants to do it (maybe they don't have space for a cable) then they can. You could fabricate lava, fill it into buckets and send the buckets down a pipe into a combustion engine, if you wanted, but nobody does that.
  9. The mod is not updated, this is stuff I am working on. Yes, textures are horrible (although maybe fitting the simplistic style of this mod). Redstone control modules - when powered, items will prefer to avoid them: These are just pipe modules that render differently, not new blocks, so they connect normally: Acceleration and deceleration modules. Power not implemented. The base speed of items still depends on the pipe material, but they can go faster after they go through an accelerator: Gold pipe speed is reduced to compensate - to 3 blocks/second, from 8. Boosted items in gol
  10. Added Tag Filter Module and Colour Filter Module - now you don't need to use FORTH pipes to read tags. Also removed console spam. Agreed - but maybe the Automation Pipe could be split further. Perhaps there could be a thing you clip onto the outside of a pipe to make it not accept items when given a redstone signal. I don't like this. You can already use buckets to multiplex liquids. You can't input buckets to liquid storage blocks unless the block is already designed for that, of course. If you want to not run liquid pipes, you'll need an unbucketing station near the mac
  11. Programmable quarries are cool, but I was hoping someone had ideas for the item pipes. Also, added liquid pipes! These are based around pressure and velocity, instead of being like BC/RP2/TE/every other pipe. Which is pretty cool. Note - pipes always render as full, even though they only buffer a few ticks of fluid. As a temporary way to make them somewhat useful, they will extract and insert from blocks that use Forge's fluid system. To set a pipe to extract from adjacent blocks, shift-right-click on the top with a wrench. Other pipes will insert into blocks. They will not visual
  12. If FORTH turns out to be important, then that's a good idea. I didn't think quarries were OP before the speed buff. I can't tell if that's because they actually weren't, or because of some aspect of the way I played. Maybe it's because you had to wait for the quarry to mine out all the upper layers before reaching anything interesting - I had a max-size quarry in my 1.0.0 SSP world that never hit bedrock before I got bored with the world! Not even RP2? Although, even building an RP2 autominer was exciting the first few times and boring after that. I'm not sure if that's possi
  13. Download This is a mod I made in 1.2.5, because "why not clone Buildcraft?". Then I stopped working on it in 1.2.5. Just now I updated it to 1.6.4, and decided I should finish it, but I can't think of anything to add for it to be finished! That's why I'm posting it here - to get ideas. Current features: Pipes! There are four tiers of pipe materials. Cobblestone < wood < iron < gold. Each tier has a different colour and speed that items move at. Pipes more than one tier apart do not connect (eg: cobblestone+wood connect, cobblestone+iron do not). Pipe modules. Right clic
  14. Is there an interface tile entities or blocks can implement to know when they're being moved?
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