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  1. Why am I getting so much hate, im just trying to help ;_;
  2. Hello, this is my first post and I have not ready any other posts so sorry if this is kinda a duplicate but I think it is not. I've been crashing lately on startup for hexxit (On mac but this will work for PC probably) and i've possibly found a fix. 1. Go to your technic folder and delete the hexxit folder. 2. Try to launch hexxit (This will crash it but it gives you all the folders and stuff like mods, coremods, etc) 3. Go to the hexxit folder. 4. Manually install forge for 1.5.2(Note: You must be using the old launcher and must have all the normal stuff considering the new 1.6 launcher wont work) 5. run minecraft and exit. 6. Drag and drop the mods, coremods, and config, and chocolate folders into the .minecraft folder.(Note you must have a clean copy of the .minecraft 1.5.2 folder.) (Another thing: If that doesnt work try to drag and drop everything except the bin, saves, and resources folder) 7. Launch minecraft with the old launcher and you should be up and running!
  3. i tried to join ur server but it didn't work ?

  4. When I have NEI and I open my inventory there are no SAVES thing on the left side and can anyone tell me how to add it back? (I am in cheat mode)
  5. sorry for the delay of the reply the server Ip is
  6. If anyone wants to do a tekkit survival server post/reply on this thread saying u want to!
  7. Hey I would love to join but I dont do that teamspeak stuff btw can I join without TS3
  8. Wait what is the best level? like normal minecraft is 12 to search for diamonds.
  9. thanks ill try out what u said and what xylord said
  10. Does anyone have a tekkit seed that has lots of diamonds?
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