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  1. When I got a similar error like this, I removed the netherores.jar file from the mods directory and it started up no problems at all from there on out.
  2. "#10 "How do I upgrade from version X to version Y?" If you're having issues or are unsure what to do, you can go here and click the 'Server' tab for information on updating. Taken from the first post. As you can see where you wrote, "you can go here and click the 'Server' tab for information on updating." You have not placed a link on the word here. This maybe a problem, or am I just missing something? :s
  3. When you mean "allow" do you mean unblock certain port(s)? Or something different?
  4. Plugin Name: AutoSaveWorld BukkitDev Link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/autosaveworld/ Description: This mod automatically saves and can backup your world including your plugins folder to a completely separate folder on your system. You can also configure the mod's delay between saves and backups. Tekkit Compatibility: I've been using this mod for about a week now and I have noticed to problems at all
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