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  1. I mean there are no rules at all. Nothing is protected. It's true freedom. I dont think it needs any more explination beside its up 24/7 and 12 slots.
  2. Join a new server: FreedomCraft IP: Whats allowed? Everything. If you can make Red matter, then do it. First one to wipe everyone off the map wins.
  3. Well thanks for the info, guess I'll Judi have to wait... Haha
  4. I'm totally clueless about this. Is it possible to add flans mod to tekkit servers? if so someone could explain how or link me to someplace that already has? That would be amazing! additional sub questions: 1. would every player have to add flans mod on their tekkit launcher? 2. if its possible, on a scale of 1 to 10 how big of a pain in the a** is it to add? 3. if someone here already has, how awesome is it?
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