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  1. I may as well just say up-front that it'd be nice if you could provide more information about this. Firstly, make sure you aren't cabling your solar panels too far away from your machinery. IndustrialCraft cables are not 100% efficient, so the more distance they have to travel, the less electricity they have, to the point of having no electricity after a while. To test, put a machine next to a cable near the solar panels. If it receives electricity, you gotta move your circuitry closer together. Secondly, for IndustrialCraft, make sure your cables plugged in your Bat-Box or whatever thingy right. A Bat-Box has a specific side which is indicated with a slightly different texture. This side acts as the output. If your cable is in the output, you won't be able to give the Bat-Box electricity. Thirdly, while I'm not sure about it, make sure you're using the right technology with the right technology. Meaning, there's two different solar panels, one from IndustrialCraft, and one in RedPower. Make sure you're using the right stuff with them. There's more information that I could give, but it'd be nice if you could give details, such as following the format that's here.
  2. Finally, an answer to this problem. Only thing, I have no clue where to find it. And now to end this topic. I completely flushed the server. New map and all. It works. Case solved and closed.
  3. You are correct there. It is something with me and no one else on the server. But I also find it odd how it's ONLY on this server. Not on any other server. And any of my friends can access my transmutation tablet easily. So it's specifically me on specifically this server on this specific one feature in one specific mod, specifically Tekkit only. And if you're gonna say, "Well, it's a server problem, so you're screwed.", well I have access to the server's files and thingys and doohickeys. The console says absolutely nothing when I use the transmutation tablet. The only thing it gets are "[WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" messages, which it commonly gets even when nobody's on. Anyway, as for the bumps, I'd rather get my question answered than let it ferment on the second page. Honestly, I'm not one of those people who scroll through posts on the forums, and since this problem didn't exist even on Google, I predicted that there'd be a LOT less views on this topic, and thus a lot less answers. And even with the bumps, we've gotten, how far? 0 attempted answers.
  4. Two things that I think could help. 1. Your Java version is 1.6, and while hidden away, there is a 1.7 which the Technic Pack recommends using. I'll link it to you here. 2. Try the item in creative single-player to just check if it works.
  5. Checked. Still broken. I know I'm doing it right, but it just ain't workin'. And thanks for changing the profile picture and calling me Helen Keller. Really appreciate it. > --- And I guess you may need the EXACT WORD BY WORD description of what I'm doing that could possibly be (BUT ISN'T) causing an error on my part. 1. I pop my Klein Star (which isn't full) in the left side of the Transmutation Tablet to make sure that it isn't locked to fuel or anything. 2. I take the Klein Star out of the Transmutation Tablet. 3. I put 1 DIRT into the left side of the transmutation tablet. 4. I do not get ANY results, even if dirt should technically make dirt. 5. I take the dirt out, and try RED MATTER. 6. Again, no results. 7. I give up, and Google anything. 8. No results. 9. I look up on the Technic Forums. 10. No guitar. 11. I copy the guidelines on posting a bug. 12. I get called a nub 'cause I bumped a thread twice because there were no comments within 24 hour periods for a bug that pretty much makes using one of the mods IMPOSSIBLE to use.
  6. BUMP 'cause I seriously need this to be fixed!
  7. Launcher/pack Version: v0.5.4.9/ Tekkit v2.1.0 Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) Version of Java: 1.7 u3 (64-bit) Description of Problem: On my friend's server specifically, the transmutation tables in the EE mod (both the block and the item) do not seem to work with ANY of my items. It was not there all the time, and I'm not sure why it's happening, but whenever I try putting something like torches or red matter (or anything for that matter) into the machine, it dumps them somewhere nearby. I've made sure they're not like BuildCraft items which are incompatible. These items are things like dirt, things which've been working before. I haven't checked if the problem persists on any other servers, but Tekkit single-player seems to handle the tablets fine. I've also gone to the step of deleting my .dat file from the server, but the problem did not fix itself. Finally, Google did not help. And you know what happens if Google can't help you. Error Messages: Absolutely no messages. Link to pastebin of log: http://pastebin.com/xnqdsRed Please help me. :(
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