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  1. I'm liking this idea! Can this actually be done!? Does a forcefield keep the water out? :)
  2. I started playing tekkit with some friends recently, and I feel I've hit the the ceiling of what to do after I set myself some challenges, completed them, created near infinite diamonds, and dressed in full Quantum armour! So.. Does anyone have any suggestions for me and the rest of the community that may challenge us? I'll list some of the things I've completed Created a 64x64 quarry Created a ComputerCraft counter system which counts how many of each block my quarry is mining Automated production facility which macerates and smelts all ores from the quarry, and converts things like cobblestone and flint to diamonds Constructed 6 story modern house with integrated electrical systems, redstone wiring and tube system for future proofing Constructed basement with contains an auto-renewing lava generator Constructed 2 nuclear generators Played around with Tesla coils, Force fields & more... Created a simple CC program to password protect my secret laboratory Programmed Turtles to auto dig and create a bridge for me.. ..So I could lay train tracks to an alternative nether portal for more Glowstone hunting Tried created an automated HV Solar Array factory (but gave up. to hard) I'm sure there's more I've missed out.. But if anyone has any more suggestions for the community, please share them :)