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  1. Hello. I have just made the first 32x Sphax technic/ tekkit texture pack since I saw lots of people requesting it. This pack has all texture working (i'm pretty sure) and is 100% complete. Download patch here: And the original Sphax texture pack from here: How to Install: 1 download the patch above 2 download the orginal pack by sphax here: (take the 32 one) 3 open both with a archiving program 4 drag all the stuff from my patch into the pack 5 drop the pack in the texturepck folder in Technic or Tekkit It took me a few days and allot of hard, brain numbing work to get all textures re-sized and working so if you appreciate could you please send a minecraft gift code to [email protected] I do not own Minecraft so I have been only playing singleplayer. The only reason I released this pack is in hopes of a kind person sending me a code (please) I know I did not create these textures but I did re size them which was still hard work. Original textures are made by Sphax and can be found here: . I only re sized the textures.