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  1. i had that to . when i use groupmanager i can't perfix and when i'm op. my name isn't red plz need help
  2. oh yea thnx dude !! now i can stop the f**** nova's!
  3. hi i have a tekkit server and i use modifyworld en pex my server is runnig great but i can't get items banned with pex and modify i have this in my modifyworld config enable: true item-restrictions: true inform-players: true whitelist: false use-material-names: false drop-restricted-item: false item-use-check: false messages: message-format: '&f[&2Modifyworld&f]&4 %s' default-message: Sorry, you don't have enough permissions modifyworld.items.use: Stop, &a$1&4 won't fit into &a$3 modifyworld.login: You are not allowed to join this server. Goodbye! modifyworld.blocks.interact: You are too jelly for &2$1 modifyworld.blocks.place: This is wrong place for &a$1 modifyworld.blocks.destroy: '&a$1&4 is tough for you' modifyworld.damage.deal: Your level is too low for &5$1 modifyworld.chat: Your mouth is too dry modifyworld.chat.private: Listener is deaf modifyworld.items.have: Prohibited item &a$1&4 has been removed from your inventory. modifyworld.items.drop: This is indecent to scatter &a$1&4 around modifyworld.items.craft: Sorry, but &a$1&4 is too complicated modifyworld.items.enchant: Sorry, &a$1&4 is too dangerous modifyworld.vehicle.enter.boat: You are too heavy for this &a$1 modifyworld.vehicle.enter.minecart: Sorry, but &a$1&4 is too small modifyworld.vehicle.destroy: This &a$1&4 is legal property of &bUnited States of America modifyworld.tame: This &a$1&4 is too ferocious modifyworld.bucket.fill: This bucket is holey modifyworld.bucket.empty: You suddenly realized you still need &a$1 modifyworld.usebeds: You can't sleep yet, there are monsters nearby and in my PEX permissions i have this : groups: default: default: true permissions: - modifyworld.* - -modifyworld.items.(craft|drop|have|pickup).(30208:?*|27584:?*|27574:?*|27533:?*|137:3|150:1|27579:?*|27580:?*|27581:?*|27582:?*|27570:?*|27538:?*|27573:?*|27530:?*27532:?*|27593:?*|126:4|126:10|126:11|126:3|27531:?*|27583:?*|27530:?*|27570:?*|27527:?*|27556:?*|27555:?*|27532:?*|27534:?*|127|169|208|237|128|27594) - -modifyworld.blocks.(place|interact|destroy). (30208:?*|27584:?*|27574:?*|27533:?*|137:3|150:1|27579:?*|27580:?*|27581:?*|27582:?*|27570:?*|27538:?*|27573:?*|27530:?*27532:?*|27593:?*|126:4|126:10|126:11|126:3|27531:?*|27583:?*|27530:?*|27570:?*|27527:?*|27556:?*|27555:?*|27532:?*|27534:?*|127|169|208|237|128|27594) plz can some1 help me ? thanks
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