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  1. Fingers crossed hey. Did get this bug though. Happened in a chicken chunks loaded mystcraft age that I was not in at the time.
  2. Multipart support is pretty sexy. About those graphical glitches, they seem to have gone away so I have no idea any more.
  3. Well the magmatic engine I had on one frame went white and lost part of its model/made part of it invisible and also some items have the texture for different items now.
  4. Yeah some of my items render as different items now :/ is there a way to fix this?
  5. yeah the planes only actually work when an item touches their surface so any item that is not directly on a border between two block will not get picked up. ie any of them. the obsidian pipe isn't crashing me now that I have put a 3 second delay in between movements which seems to be long enough for everything to clear out the pipe.
  6. I love you a little bit! I'm not sure how well it will pick up the items as they fly pretty far but this is certainly a better solution than a lot of the other I've seen. I think if it's moving underground then the items (for the most part) should stay in the 3x3. The unknown blocks are from power converters. There's a BC consumer, an energy bridge and a universal charger. Basically it charges the force drill inside the dynamism table. The force drill is great as it can be enchanted with silk touch and fortune. further investigation seems to show that the game only crashes when the carriage is stopped. I copied the MC window code as it seemed to show a little more info http://pastebin.com/Gbzy9MMY
  7. Will try that too. Ah shame. Enjoy your food. I look forward to the newest release. Can't wait to get my hands on the teleport carriages btw, glad to see my idea (sort of) came to fruition.
  8. Well I was trying to get the dynamism table working so I could use silk touch and fortune on the force drill. Maybe I will have to just add a big delay between movements. I will test that out in the morning and see if that helps. The other thought I had was that maybe the carriage grabbing items for movement was clashing somehow with the pipe grabbing them. on a side note do you have / sit in an IRC?
  9. just recreated the crash. here's a screenshot of what's happening
  10. Might be something to do with the items outside of the pipe that have been grabbed not liking being moved? I imagine there's no exception for that because the sucking up of items only occurs in obsidian pipes. These items that aren't in the pipe but are being drawn in are probably handled some other way. If the dynamism table ejected into adjacent inventories then I would have to faff with BC pipes.
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