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  1. Jtodum, Remember that this thread on the technic forums is rarely updated. Try to keep an eye on our main thread. You were banned because when you came online, it caused the server to cap out at 100% CPU usage. When I kicked you, the CPU idled, as soon as you logged back in, the CPU went back up to 100% and stayed there until I banned you, then instantly started to idle again. When I warped to your last location the server again began to cap at 100%, so something you have done, or something somebody has done that lives very close to you, is causing serious server issues. Until I get to the bottom of it, I'm afraid I can't let you back onto the server. If it turns out that the CPU issue is not your fault, I will of course remove the global ban and apologise. I will let you know of the outcome some time today (Sunday).
  2. Whitelisted DrakePyre, WhackedInferno, and jtodum13. Welcome! I see some similar items in your descriptions in that you've been on other Tekkit servers that were out of control, ruined by EE, and lagged. As you'll have seen in the first post, we've had to disable a lot of the EE mod so that the game maintains balance. It makes end-game items much harder to achieve, which we believe makes them more rewarding when you do eventually get there! =) As for lag, I've personally never experienced any on our server, and I'm all but certain none of our members would say we're on a laggy server. =) We've had the odd spike, but I'm generally pretty quick to address those issues I think. Anyway, again, welcome!
  3. Whitelisted Pennysnatcher. Welcome - I hope you have more luck with us in Smudgedom! Grief Prevention comes as standard. ;)
  4. Whitelisted SpikedNate12 and ayeazell. Welcome. I'm convinced I posted this earlier today, but apparently not. =/
  5. SKYROCKharry02 and voseorb, The first post explains where to get your whitelist links. Applications will not be accepted without them, sorry! @SKYROCKharry02, We may not be able to accept you due to your previous bans, but I'll investigate further once you've provided a whitelist link.
  6. Kako, I don't think I've disabled railcraft items. Are you sure you're using the correct recipe? What happens when you try to craft them? What is the Item ID you are trying to craft?
  7. Buzzcutt, if you only log in for 3 seconds, we don't exactly have a chance to promote you!
  8. Whitelisted buzzcut30002000, Kako_Kako, and x1wangchung2nite. Welcome! @Juicy I look forward to seeing the town progress and grow. I see you've been making use of the Philosophers Stone there. =)
  9. Trolling the server owner before even being accepted is not the best way to start on a server. I'll accept you because a trusted member knows you, but don't expect further leniency. Whitelisted.
  10. Nothing wrong, sounds like there wasn't a moderator or admin online. I've promoted you to member, things should be a little more normal for you now.